contemporary San Francisco chocolates





Halo Fine Confections - contemporary San Francisco chocolates based upon the traditional recipes dating from the 1930's but updated to the modern palette.


Made from high cocoa content Belgian Chocolate for smooth, rich, deep flavor.


Manufactured in modern, well equipped, certified plants, Halo maintains consistent high quality.


With only 75 calories per piece, with high cocoa content, the lover of Halo chocolates can have a regular small indulgence without a trace of regret.  Good for you - fabulous in taste - a truly virtuous treat!


Not only are the chocolates absolutely delicious, but they are made from fairly traded ingredients and are certified Kosher.

Designed for everyday delight, Halo's packaging features 1/2-Ounce individually wrapped items for spontaneous purchase and packaged in 4-Ounce Tubs and 4-Oz Stand-up Bags with eight items, and 12-Oz Canisters for take home. 

For special events, Halo offers 8-Ounce Seasonal, Tourist, and Gift Keepsake boxes containing sixteen assorted individually wrapped items with photographs designed to be removed and remembered.